Clinical Labs in Pondicherry

Clinical labs in Pondicherry, a charming coastal town known for its rich culture, are also home to some of the top clinical labs in the region. When it comes to healthcare, reliable diagnostic services are paramount.

Clinical labs play a pivotal role in the field of healthcare by providing diagnostic services that aid in the early detection and management of various medical conditions. These labs are equipped with cutting-edge technology.

The Role of Clinical Labs in Pondicherry:

One of the key attributes of the top clinical labs in Pondicherry is their commitment to delivering reliable and accurate testing services. These labs maintain stringent quality control measures to ensure that test results are dependable. 

Reliable and Accurate Testing Services:

Biochemistry Test: Tests for glucose levels, cholesterol, liver function, and more.

Comprehensive Test Offerings:

Haematology Test: Examination of blood cells and clotting factors. Microbiology: Identifying infectious agents and their susceptibility to antibiotics.

Molecular Diagnostics: Genetic testing for inherited diseases and infections. Imaging Services: Radiology and ultrasound services for a more detailed evaluation.

The top clinical labs in Pondicherry employ skilled professionals with expertise in various medical disciplines. These experts ensure that samples are collected, processed, and tested with precision.

Expertise and Timely Reporting:

Contact Information:

ARUNA CLINICAL LABORATORY & X-RAYS #175, Lalbagadur Sastri Street, (Bussy St.,),  Opposite to Chinnakadai, PUDUCHERRY - 605 001.

0413 2228244 | 22227349 | 4200654